What to do when traveling to Como

Como: the city to visit for romantics

For many travelers, and even more so for those who are not’In addition, they must be aware of any duties or taxes that may be levied on the vehicle’Italy is a great place to travel’home. In the north of the country, the neighbouring presence of the Alps and numerous lakes systematically offer unchanging memories. In Lombardy, and in particular in Como, there are many ideas for visits that are always enchanting.

With a beautiful city and the’important story related, that the’It is possible to buy a car in Italy, but it is a compulsory step ! Beyond that, the presence of the’one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe’Europe, a few kilometers from Milan, really puts the icing on the cake.

Between obligatory cultural visits, sailing on Lake Como and trips to the surrounding area, what should you do, as a good romantic, in the Como area? ?

A majestic lake

Generally, the proximity to the Lombardy capital, Milan, leads many travelers to spend time in Como on weekends or sometimes for a few days. At the descent of the lake’Whether by plane or directly from Milan, it is common to rent a car and come to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Unquestionably, the lake is the most beautiful’one of the most important places in Como ! Its atypical shape can also allow you to discover the region’You can admire many different points of view, all along its surface, as when aiming north in the direction of neighboring Switzerland or in the direction of the Mediterranean’east, in the direction of the province of Lecco.

For sportsmen and lovers alike, some of the neighboring mountains can be the perfect place to visit’opportunity’Admire the lake as a whole, to the’like the climb up to Monte San Primo.

Stroll along the lake, navigation on the river’It goes without saying that the city has a lot to offer in terms of water sports, such as paddle boarding, or the discovery of turquoise water ? There is no shortage of opportunities and it is important to take advantage of them’be at the heart of any trip to Como and its surroundings, whatever the season.

A major heritage within the city

Como is an ocean of contrast, close to the sumptuous. With a sometimes mild climate and a Mediterranean atmosphere only a few kilometers from the Alps, it seems difficult to resist the temptation of this city for a trip.

The city’s heritage is also important and is the result of its immense history, dating back to Pliny the Great’It is an ancient palace and has been visited by some of the most important people in the world’evolution, to the’Like the’Alessandro Volta. The temple for the latter, opened in 1928, is of great importance’elsewhere an obligatory passage.

As is often the case in Italy, religion offers many heritages that seem to lack superlatives today’Today. Between the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Basilica of San Fedele, the’art is put forward.

It is’is also within the Villa Olmo, a public park with a postcard setting, juxtaposed to the eponymous palace. Erected in the 18th century, this palace is the most beautiful in the world’one of the many present around Como with always, a certain excitement to their observation. In a neoclassical style, it is at the same time so close and so far from the others present on the lake. A vacation spot for many marquises and other noblemen in previous centuries, the area is full of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe’famous buildings.

It is advisable to take the car and discover the most prized ones.

A major heritage within the city

An area now highlighted by the cinema

With the rhinestones and sequins of celebrities who have discovered or turned on the’Although it’s a small town, Como and its region have managed to maintain a certain serenity that the city has always been able to offer’You can still feel it when you walk along the banks or in the heart of the city.

The nature remains queen on a major part of the shores and the’The local hospitality is frequently highlighted by many specialized guides.

From the green country to Menaggio, without forgetting Domaso to Mandello, there is no shortage of opportunities on the Lake Como side and generally, the memories embarked on are quite simply imperishable. It goes without saying that’as a couple, this region has everything to offer’a majestic setting for the most beautiful moments.

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