Your mini budget guide for your trip

Your mini budget guide for your trip

Phantom expenses, unforeseen travel, insurance, parking… So many different things to consider ! That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to budgeting for your trip, taking into account every aspect of spending.

The big expenses

These expenses are the ones we all think about when we travel: flights and accommodation. Obviously, because of the large amount of money you can spend on them, this is also where you can save the most money. Our advice, think of using between 60 to 70% of your budget in these two parts.

As the price of flights can really fluctuate you can adjust and choose a cheaper accommodation if this is the case. For cheap flights, you can use comparators, but be careful about the possibility of cancellation if you use third party sites ! Same for accommodations, try to contact owners directly.

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Expenses that are easily forgotten

Small expenses add up, so try to create a budget for that. So think about the following aspects: expenses at the airport (food, snacks), price of airport parking for your car, transportation from the airport to your accommodation, small aperitifs in terraces etc… We advise you to insert a budget box for each of these expenses and think about how you can avoid spending so much. For example, for airport parking, we advise you to use a cheap airport parking comparator.

If you are leaving from a specific airport, for example Paris, you can also look for long-term parking spaces at Roissy airport. Also avoid all the small expenses at the airport!

Use a free budget application or program

It’s easy to create a budget before leaving on a trip, but the most important thing is to respect it. To help you respect this budget we advise you to download an application on your cell phone where you can insert your budget and put all your expenses. Your bank may also offer you a mobile application directly linked to your bank account. No more budget surprises during your trip !

In summary, if you are leaving from Marseille for example, first check how you will get to the airport, book your parking at the airport in Marseille, plan your transportation budget to your destination as well as your shopping or restaurant budget. That way, small expenses don’t pile up’accumulate more !

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