The craft of Reunion Island

L’handicraft of Reunion Island

Reunion Island represents a small piece of paradise in the’Indian Ocean. Very popular tourist destination, the’intense island or the’The island of perfumes and spices promises you moments of pleasure’The island of Reunion is a place where you can make a special occasion with your family or friends. Reunion Island is known not only for its pleasant climate, its beaches and its various hiking sites, but also and above all, for its crafts.

Indeed, the local culture remains the most important one’one of the greatest assets of Reunion Island. As souvenirs of vacations, it offers tourists various products of jewelry and fashion accessories’crafts. These products allow the local inhabitants to share their craft know-how.

In this article, discover the different facets of the’Reunion Island’s handicrafts.

Jewelry and fashion accessories

L’Reunion Island offers a wide range of local products’souvenir items. Among them are jewelry and fashion sets for both men and women’to women. Indeed, the’Indeed, the island is home to several jewelry designers specializing in jewelry. They offer unique creations made from ornamental and exotic stones and noble materials. Take advantage of your stay in the’intense island, to buy designer gold jewelry.

They are available in several models according to your needs and desires. It goes from the earrings to the jewelry’ears to jewelry boxes, through :

  • the pendants
  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • rings
  • piercings
  • the bolas of pregnancy

If you wish to find jewelry from Reunion Island in gold or silver, you can consult a dedicated site. Specialized sites offer a wide choice of products for’accessories in classic formats. They can also propose you some personalized jewelry typical of the Reunionese culture.

Of course, in addition to jewelry made of noble materials, the craftsmanship of Reunion’s jewelry designers also allows you to benefit from a wide range of products’other types of handmade jewelry. They can be made with :

  • of lava stone
  • tortoise shells
  • wood
  • of the coconut
  • of grains péï

The mixtures of colors allow you to keep a good memory of the colors of the country.

Textile products and embroidery items

The clothes are among the most widespread products on the’Reunion Island. You can find different Creole textile brands offering thousands of models of t-shirts. They are usually accompanied by a list of products’A humorous design based on clichés and puns specific to the local culture.

You will also find more classic clothing items such as dresses, shirts and caps. To these s’add the traditional clothes from Reunion as well as other products’other textile products (tablecloths, placemats, pareos with patterns and bright colors)…). L’Reunion Island has several boutiques and clothing stores offering articles adapted to all tastes and budgets. Reunion Island, c’is also a place where the craft tradition has a large place in the tourism industry.

Thus, you will discover items made of embroidery or lace. They are meticulously made by experienced embroiderers and are embellished with geometric and floral motifs representative of the embroidery of Cilaos.

Foodstuffs and food products

The local products are also an excellent choice of gift. Indeed, the’Island is known for the quality of its products and foodstuffs. You have for example Bourbon vanilla that the’carefully selected before its manual harvest and natural drying. This allows to’Obtaining a unique taste and increased preservation properties.

You will also discover several types of handicrafts’spices: cinnamon, pepper, turmeric, nutmeg… The local craftsmen can even offer you a mixture of traditional’spices called massalé. Côhoney, the’The island offers its visitors several varieties of often unique. You have the choice between :

  • classic honey
  • honey of pink berries
  • the honey of letchi

You can also opt for forest honey or red tan honey, according to your preferences. Among the typical food products of Reunion Island, we also mention :

  • pointed bourbon coffee
  • the imperial tea
  • the chili paste

L’The island is also famous for :

  • its arranged rums produced from’an ancestral know-how
  • creole jams made from exotic fruits
  • its galabé (whole cane sugar)

Essential oils and cosmetics

L’The honey of the Reunion Island’is widely diversified over the years. It offers today’today different types of cosmetic products for the needs in well-being and beauty of its tourists. This includes Creole brand products made from’organic ingredients on the island’island.

They are created from coffee, cinnamon, vetiver, and other raw materials’avocado, coconut as well as other spices’other raw materials. Nevertheless, what makes more particularly the notoriety of the’island of perfumes, it is the essential oils. They are designed locally in distillery and are used for relaxing massages or to perfume the interiors. Among those which make the pride of the Reunionese, we quote:

  • the essential oils of honey’ylang-ylang
  • essential oils of geranium
  • frangipani essential oils
  • essential oils of lemongrass

The handicrafts and the objects of art’art

L’craftsmanship holds an important place in the culture of Reunion Island, especially that of the wood. This allows vacationers and tourists to enjoy different wooden objects péï or in essence of wood of the’Indian Ocean. Among these essences, you have :

  • the wood of letchi
  • moabi wood
  • the wood of’iroko
  • mango wood
  • guava wood
  • tamarind wood

the handicrafts of the island

Objects from the’Reunion’s handicrafts meet different needs. It can be’act of’decorative articles, products of the region’furniture or other products’objects of’art. The pieces produced by local artisans are made from traditional manufacturing methods, resulting from the mixing of techniques coming from’Asia and Europe’Africa.

Thus, it is possible to bring back several types of unique products after a stay on the’Reunion Island. You can also buy stools, abacus or even a pair of shoes traditional instruments, like’Like tam-tams and kayambs. You can also think about driftwood decorations, sculptures made locally in distilleries, and other objects’s, ashtrays and toy boxes are made of recycled materials.

The products of’Reunionese handicrafts can also be created in other materials’other materials. It can be made from’act of :

  • recycled materials
  • lava stones
  • vacoa leaves
  • sands of the ceramic
  • iron

You will also find on the’You will also find on the island handicrafts of different sizes’unique art, vacoa lamps, colorful creole bags, paintings, braided hats, watercolors, etc.

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