2 must-do activities to do in Las Vegas during the trip

Must-do activities to do on a trip to Las Vegas ?

American city Las Vegas, one of the largest in the state of Nevada, promises a pleasant stay for lovers and tourists alike travel enthusiasts. And in order to make a dream come true good memories of the trip in a city as unavoidable as Las Vegas, some choose to spend their honeymoon, their wedding, get a tattoo or simply buy some good stuff as souvenirs.

Getting married in Las Vegas, a dream for lovers of American travel

A dream that seems unattainable in some countries, but which is very common in Europe Las Vegas, many couples choose to celebrate their union and spend their honeymoon there. Getting married in Las Vegas indeed allows to forge a new identitypleasant memories, memorable and unforgettable memories throughout his life as a couple.

The first trip to Las Vegas of a French couple is in most cases to get married. But, in order for the French state to recognize the union, it is necessary to do things legally. Therefore, forget the impromptu wedding at 2 a.m. after drinking too much alcohol.

You must first obtain a marriage license obtained from the Clark County, the marriage bureau in Las Vegas.

  • The marriage license costs about 77 dollars.
  • The office is open during business hours.
  • The couple must present their respective passports.

After the wedding celebration in Las Vegas and the recovery of the marriage certificate, do not forget to register it with Clark County before returning to your home country.

Getting a tattoo in Las Vegas, a good lasting memory

Getting a tattoo in Las Vegas is a first Unforgettable experience, a good memory that lasts for years. But, before you jump in, follow these tips anyway:

  • don’t get a tattoo without thinking it through beforehand;
  • choose the right tattoo artist and the style of tattoo you want;
  • choose the right package that meets your needs and budget.

A tattoo is a sign of lifetime marking. Once applied, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove it. Therefore, well before the application, you must be well aware of it.

Nevertheless, you can also opt for temporary tattoos in case you want to remove them once back in France.

Getting a permanent tattoo in Las Vegas is a great alternative in itself. However, to avoid troubles and misunderstandings, you should know that:

  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol before the tattoo session;
  • the more imposing the tattoo, the more time it will take to apply it. So you’ll have to be patient and enduring;
  • Before the session, the application of a superfatted soap on the skin ensures a deep hydration and will limit the painful sensations of the tattoo;
  • water immersion and sun exposure should be avoided.

Preferably, we will do the permanent tattoo or temporary in end of his stay. This way you will have time to recover well on the plane.

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