The Trevi Fountain to know about the famous fountain of Rome

The Trevi Fountain: about the famous fountain of Rome

The Trevi Fountain is one of the main symbols of the city of Rome. Throned in the center of the city, it is one of the largest and most known of the Italian capital and the world. It is also a monument rich in history and unique in its kind.

Discover the complete history of this fountain, what makes it an exceptional monument and why it should be discovered urgently.

The construction of the Trevi Fountain

This fountain owes its existence to the emperor Augustus, with the initial purpose of bringing water from the river Aniene to Campo Marzio and to supply the spas. Initially, the fountain was built in the middle of the aqueduct located near the Quirinale hill. 3 mouths poured water in the various tanks. Its first graphic documentation dates back to 1410.

In 1453, Pope Nicholas V replaced the three existing reservoirs with a single rectangular basin. It was not until 1570 that Pope Pius V carried out another important restoration of the fountain.

The reconstruction of the fountain and its restoration

The reconstruction of this fountain was entrusted to Nicolas Salvi for a large exhibition on water. His plan was to tell the story of the city’water of the fountain through this reconstruction. In 1762, the new fountain is completely rebuilt, Pope Clement XIII inaugurated the Trevi Fountain which will remain the same until its restoration at the end of the 20th century. The fountain underwent a major restoration work in 1998.

including both the cleaning of it and its modernization. The hydraulic system was improved to increase the tourist attraction. Finally, in 2014, the fountain underwent a consolidation and cleaning of its side facades. The waterproofing of the tank was also improved. Finally, the general restoration of the statues, paving stones and golden letters was carried out.

It then reaches its final shape, which has not been modified in 2020.

Fountain of Rome

Trevi Fountain: description of this work

The main theme of the monument’s decorations and statues is the sea. The fountain is located in the middle of a huge rectangular pool with rounded edges. On the sides, a footbridge goes from one end to the other of the fountain.

This is due to Salvi, architect in charge of its reconstruction, to compensate for the difference in height of the two sides of the square. The lower part of the building is occupied by a rocky cliff from which it is possible to admire the endless blue ocean.

The man on this fountain is Oceano, represented on a shell-shaped chariot pulled by two winged hairs. The decorations composing the monument are adorned with numerous decorations representing various digital species. In the middle of the facade, between the two central statues, is the commemorative inscription made by Clement XII in 1735.

To the left of the fountain, on the rocks of the parapet, it is possible to observe a vase in travertine. It seems that Salvi placed it there to cover the store of a barber who would have criticized the work done for the construction of the monument.

Why visit the Trevi Fountain ?

The Trevi Fountain has survived the millennia and is a real architectural jewel with a perfect finish and an exceptional Gallo-Roman architectural style. At night, it is illuminated to offer a magnificent panorama. If you like ancient decorations, this one is different from temples and arenas to offer a unique appearance in the world.

This eternal monument will offer you a magnificent aquatic show. The legend even says that if you throw a silver coin with your right hand and make a wish, it will come true.

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