Porto Vecchio, what to see in this Corsican city

Porto Vecchio, what to see in this Corsican city ?

With its luxurious beaches around its city center, Porto-Vecchio is a port city much appreciated by tourists. Indeed, it is full of historical sites, bars, restaurants and stores. All in all, it represents the ideal vacation destination combining relaxation and culture.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches

The beaches of Porto Vecchio represent the real tourist attractions of the country. Indeed, you will find there some of the most beautiful beaches of all Corsica, like the one of Santa Giulia, located a few kilometers from the village, and surrounded by’a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation.

In addition, there is also the beautiful Palombaggia, a long bay that is very close to the sea’extends to the sand dunes surrounded by’a large pine forest, and the Rondinara, a small isolated bay south of the city, a real paradise for those seeking relaxation in the vicinity of the peaceful sea.

We highly recommend renting a yacht in Porto Vecchio, you deserve the luxury of mooring in the sumptuous beaches of the region!

Visit the historical sites

Porto Vecchio has an array of places that tell centuries of’history: we only want to mention the small church of San Giovanni Battista. You will find various elements that will remind you of the past of this citadel, ornaments and beautiful furniture.

Also, if you are fascinated by ancient history, don’t miss a visit to the archaeological sites of Ceccia. These places, dating back to prehistoric times, are undoubtedly worth a visit to learn more about the history of Porto Vecchio. You will also be able to discover many vestiges which reflect the prehistoric and medieval life of this area, and an unmissable opportunity to see the’inland corsica.

Visit of the port of Porto Vecchio

Discover the local gastronomy

You will find restaurants offering typical dishes, creations but also local specialties. If you prefer fish, you can go to Ranch’O Beach, a restaurant located on the road to Benedettu-lecci.

Moreover, if you prefer to taste the typical Mediterranean cuisine, we recommend the restaurant: Gardens of laziness.

Visit the port of Porto Vecchio

It is a small and characteristic port where you can admire luxury boats and yachts moored on the quay. To reach this part of the city and visit it, you have to get off the citadel and cross some streets of the modern city.

A trip to the south-east of Corsica must necessarily include a visit to Porto Vecchio. You will have a wide range of choices regarding places where you can spend a few hours strolling the streets, having a meal or refreshment while watching the world go by.

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