Tests at MindOut, the first VR arcade!

Tests at MindOut, the first VR arcade !

Romain, the founder, and Max, who takes care of the comm, welcome us in their new Parisian arcade : MindOut. The concept ? Only VR games (Virtual Reality), in single or multiplayer !

The two partners are two real geeks, video game lovers (of course) and definitely technophiles. The visit of the space located at 35 rue de Turbigo (Etienne Marcel / Les Halles) reveals some nice surprises already in place and makes your mouth water about the novelties to come. Because the room is (in February 2017) in Early Access ! Work ends in mid-May 2017 to open even more different spaces.

A real arcade, atmosphere included

The traditional arcade is dead, long live the VR arcade ! No Sega Rally or Time Crisis (snif !) but a whole wave of new games developed especially for an immersion in VR. The MindOut space is very open on two levels and several rooms dedicated to games.

The decorations are neat and anchored in the universe of gaming, geek and artificial intelligence in an atmosphere “Westworld, Battlestar Galactica, Matrix and Tron”. Each gaming station has its own name, always in the same logic: Sauron (LOTR), Arnold (Westworld), GLaDOS (Portal), Kratos (GoW), Shenron (Dragon Ball) … and many others !


The team of MindOut really wants to make this room a a playful space where gamers can meet. Because the traditional arcade was mainly a place to go out with friends, in search of the highest score. Where new technologies and VR bring a real plus is the possibility to set up real multiplayer games (whereas traditional terminals were limited to two players).

8 boxes between 6 and 8m² are dedicated to games that require a lot of movement, we can find there the FPS ! It is even possible to come with friends to find the sensations of a good LAN ! (Yes, we know, it&#8217s not technically a LAN, it goes through the internet allsa allsa).

A corridor in the style of a Battlestar Galactica spaceship will welcome you mid-May 2017 four seated stations for the immersion and surely games rather of RPG style (to test . ). A unique venue will also open in Mixed Reality on a Matrix theme (to be tested, again . ).


And those waiting to put on the VR helmets can socialize, criticize the scores of players in action, or laugh at the sometimes surprising movements of some !

What are the proposed VR games ?

mindout_salle_arcade_parisThere are three types of games in the catalog: exploration, creation and fun games. The VR hardware ? It alternates between HTC Vive and Occulus, Or the best equipment currently available on the market.

In the exploration range, we find TheBlu: Encounter (of the dive), Google Earth or the possibility to relive the first steps on the Moon with Apollo 11 VR.

The creative ones can twirl on Tilt Brush to paint in 3D, SoundStage offers a universe dedicated to music and virtual offenders will have fun on Kingspray Graffiti VR.

But what will really attract gamers are the FPS type games : Robo Recall, Raw Data, Dead and Buried and others ! Offering an experience in total immersion with a real space to move is a real plus. On the spot, we also meet other gamers to set up more consistent multiplayer.

In solo mode, and in a first VR experience, the game Robo Recall is a big hit. The FPS offers excellent playability and a very fast grip. The range of actions is quite wide, from simple shoot-em-up with a gun to robot dismemberment, through kill totally crazy.

And how much does Virtual Reality cost in the arcade ?

MindOut room opens wider mid-May 2017, on 11/05. From here, the games are offered in Early Access for 10€ for 30 minutes and 20€ per hour. So go knock on the door sometime 😉

After the opening in mid-May, the founder announces a ceiling of 30€ maximum per hour, with a possible reduction of the rates according to the volumes purchased. Basically, go with a group ! For the assiduous players, a logic of subscription is soon put in place with a more accessible rate.


You find it expensive ? Think about the equipment you need, the play space you need to free up, and the games you need to make available. Finally, it is a great experience to offer to a friend, to try yourself, in group or even as a couple !

Bonus : the minute of play is GUARANTEED ! The timer only starts when the games are launched (the general menu is not counted) and the consumption is followed by the minute.

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