How to get a free upgrade

How to get a free upgrade ?

Not many people know this, but even after purchasing an economy class ticket, it is possible to upgrade, and all for free !

If this decision is often based on the luck of a person, it is often necessary to try to put the stars on one’s side to travel in business class or even better: in first class. Goodbye to unbearable neighbors, small spaces and knee pain, and to you the dream trip !

What are the different classes available in a classic flight ?

Most of the time, the seats on a plane are divided into 3 classes. We know all the traditional classes: economy, business and premium. To these have been added 2, or at least two variants of the economy class: the basic economy and premium economy.

We just have to understand the meaning of all these terms.

Economy class

The economy class constitutes the majority of the seats available in a plane. This is the class most used by nearly 90% of passengers. Economy class features a set of 3 to 4 seats glued together, leading to rows of 9 to 10 seats in general.

The economic basic

L’basic economy is a class recently created and adopted by airlines. This one allows you to find a ticket for the same flight’cheaper flight than in economy class. If the seats do not change, the difference lies in the services and additions offered.

Each airline has its own codes for basic economy. Most of the time, a ticket of this type only allows the transport of a hand luggage.

Some flights also note a lack of meals or a simple light snack.

The premium economy

Here, we are talking about a level above the economy class. L’eco premium is an upgraded version that often offers larger and wider seats and more legroom. The food is also better.

The business class

Located between economy and first class, business class is a mid-range class offering additional services and improved comfort.

The business class passengers Always enjoy wider seats with more built-in options. Another advantage, and not the least, is that these seats can be reclined to become beds.

First class

Finally, first class is the ultimate in luxury on a plane. Here, the seats are real high-tech chairs and offer a complete transformation into a bed. Cabins never have more than 12 seats and there is a private shower, open bar and unlimited champagne.

You can be sure of peace and quiet and the crew will take care of you. Finally, the first class passengers can benefit from a special shuttle as well as a seat in the lounge of the secure area of the airport.

Our tips for getting a free upgrade

Even after buying a ticket in economy class, it is possible toget an upgrade. If business or first class seats are not assigned, then the seat is free !

The trick is to know how to ask nicely and get the airline staff on board.

Subscribe to a loyalty program

If you are the type of person who flies a lot, it can be very advantageous for you to subscribe to an airline’s loyalty program in particular. Indeed, all airlines offer loyalty programs and cards that allow you to accumulate miles and be counted among the airline’s loyal customers.

Thanks to a loyalty program, it is also possible to benefit from discounts and, for example, to pay less with Air France or another airline.

The frequent flyer card has two advantages when it comes to upgrading: the airline may send you an upgrade proposal, or the ground staff may accept your upgrade request, seeing that you are a loyal customer !

Our tips for getting a free upgrade

Pretending to be a honeymooner

If you are a couple traveling together, there is a rather daring trick you can use: pretend to be on honeymoon. The best thing to do is to talk nicely with the receptionist at check-in, and to ask later or before leaving if it is possible to benefit from an upgrade.

It is also possible to do this during the flight, but the chances of getting an upgrade are much lower. In fact, there is a strong possibility that the seats available for an upgrade have been assigned to other people. And this is even more possible if the trip takes place at peak hours or on peak days. The choice is yours.

Always be friendly and kind

It is important to remember that the staff, whether on the ground or in the cabin, will never upgrade an unpleasant and rude customer. It is important to understand that the choice is theirs. For hope to get an upgrade, it is imperative to remain polite and courteous, to have a friendly dialogue, and even to try to get to know each other, but all this without forcing the issue.

Some hosts and stewardesses have reported upgrading the seatmate of an insufferable person who kept painting himself and demanding an upgrade. As you can see, rudeness never leads to anything.

Travel during peak periods

Here, it’s a question of playing double or nothing. If the technique is risky, it can sometimes pay off. The best way to get an upgrade is to leave on weekends, preferably on Friday mornings.

Since business class travelers are mostly on weekdays, there is a good chance that the majority of the class will be available and that the economy seats will be full. Be aware that you have as much chance of reaching the next flight as you have of traveling in business class.

Be well dressed

Both business and first class are reserved for the wealthy and/or the staff wants to make sure that you get the best deal keep a certain standard of living and impeccable service. Image is a priority and it is important to note that a person wearing a scruffy outfit or jogging suit has little or no chance of being upgraded. It is better to be elegant, clean and well dressed.

Our tips for getting a free upgrade

Arriving late

When a flight is close to take-off, the staff at the counters has the mission to try to fill the plane as much as possible. The more a plane is filled, the more it is profitable. For this reason, it is possible to bet on a late arrival and a full economy class to get a seat in business or first class.

Here again, sympathy is the order of the day since it is mostly the staff that will decide your fate.

Or arrive very early

On the other hand, some passengers who came early had the nice surprise to see themselves offer an upgrade. While this is very rare, it is due to the fact that all of the open seats in the upper classes are still vacant. If the receptionist finds you pleasant, she may offer you an upgrade on her own.

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