3 free alternatives to Airbnb HomeExchange, couchsurfing, woofing

3 free alternatives to Airbnb: HomeExchange, couchsurfing, woofing

The planet is now’today an infinite playground for travelers. The fluidity of exchanges, the standardization of culture at the global level or the’The exponential expansion of digital networks has indeed drastically reduced the distances that separate us from people at the end of the world. If the AirBnB platform has largely taken the lead in terms of’Although we have been living in the area for several years, we should not minimize the role of Woofing, CouchSurfing and especially the HomeExchange website, three free alternatives to AirBnB.


AirBnB, a universal but limited model

Today’today, everyone knows AirBnB. The platform launched in 2008 has quickly expanded its model and is now present in most countries of the world. From the very beginning, the American platform has had a very original idea’It is presented as an alternative to AirBnB’The three free alternatives to AirBnB that we are going to present to you are finally back to the roots of the economy, based on sharing between individuals and allowing everyone to find solutions to their problems’It is a platform that offers accommodation that is less impersonal than classic hotels while minimizing the cost of the night’s stay anywhere in the world.


However, the model, promoted as a vector of social link, has very quickly shown its limits. Indeed, many have felt the’It’s an opportunity to make an easy living, and tourist cities have quickly seen their rental properties taken over by AirBnB’assault by investors. L’original idea, based on the’hospitality and sharing had then fizzled out, pushing even some municipalities to take drastic measures to limit the spread of’company.

But with the three free alternatives to AirBnB that we are going to present to you, we are finally going back to the sources of AirBnB’idea of sharing, validated in particular by the opinions of HomeExchange customers.

HomeExchange, the first free alternative to AirBnB

Of the three free alternatives to AirBnB, HomeExchange is certainly the one that offers the closest quality of service to the American model without falling into the trap of the’financial aspect. Indeed, this platform, which you can find a description and reviews on the collaborative blog guide-goyav.com, offers to connect individuals who wish to rent a house exchange their homes. Except that’here you will be sure to settle in a real home and not a specially renovated apartment for commercial purposes.

In fact, HomeExchange does not allow investors to buy their own homes’The price here is the same for everyone: 130 euros per person. And the cost of this subscription is not included in the price’is not linked to the duration of the stay or the number of houses reserved ! This allows you to make long term exchanges if needed while benefiting from the services of a host family’a good description of the accommodations thanks to a clear and detailed catalog. In addition, you don’t have to exchange your house right away to enjoy it as the ‘non-reciprocal exchange is always possible.

Woofing and Couchsurfing, nature and sharing

The three free alternatives to AirBnB are all very different in their operation, which allows many travelers to experience their stay in the way that suits them. Woofing is more oriented towards individuals who wish to live in Annecy to meet farmers who are interested in sharing and learning’home. Here, in exchange for a few hours of help per day, the host family is free to choose the type of work they wish to do’The individual is fed and housed and can learn from the professionals while reconnecting with nature.

CouchSurfing is a solution more oriented to urban travelers, even if there are hosts in rural areas. L’The basic idea of the concept is to connect people who have a couch or a room of their own’friends and wishing make them available to travelers. More friendly than’a room of’The service is free and perfectly adapted to discover the charms of the region’a city near the city center’an inhabitant who knows the smallest streets !

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