Aquarium of Marseille to visit with your family

Aquarium of Marseille : which one to visit with your family ?

And if this journey in search of marine pearls in Marseilles were to turn into a resolutely responsible tourism ? Instead of looking for aquariums in this city to get a glimpse of marine life, why not opt for places of awareness and discovery of the sea and the coastline ? Le Hublot is one of the facilities open to the general public offering exhibitions of marine environments. It is particularly suitable for families thirsty to discover the thousand treasures of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille.

The ethics and the foundations of the institution Le Hublot

The main objective of the Porthole is the sensitization of the young people for the protection of the marine coastline against the climatic changes as well as the human pollution. It aims in particular to inculcate in the daily life of everyone the gestures and reflexes to have to preserve these natural environments. To do this, the space multiplies the guided tours to highlight this immeasurable wealth.

In other words, it educates through the awareness of visitors.

Consequently, many discoveries will be made during the detour in the premises of this equipment. For Marseille, Le Hublot is a real “green window”, part of the city’s will to actively participate in the preservation of natural marine spaces. For information, the visits will be punctuated by animations and games with themes.

Le Hublot

The Hublot, a real virtual aquarium in Marseille

The Porthole is a public equipment composed of three spaces with different vocations to have a quick and complete summary of the marine wealth around Marseille. The discoveries will be almost similar to reality since it is an exhibition. This can be done through photos, videos or even sensory or virtual simulations.

“The corridor” will be the first building to be explored in the Hublot complex. It is a semi-open atrium that offers photo exhibitions. These have been set up with reference to the artificial reefs of the Prado.

It is a rehabilitation enclosure for the degraded sea beds of the Mediterranean. The Prado bay is home to the largest artificial reef in Europe. For information, the support is arranged on the ground in the building of La Coursive.

It also illustrates the natural reefs previously observed on this bay.

After this first detour, families will now be taken into the marine simulations of the domain Le Hublot. These virtual adventures will take place in the two other buildings, namely Le Bocal and Le Nautilus. On the program, there will be 3D dives into the depths of the sea of Marseille. This unique experience will be lived in the “Le Bocal” for a few minutes.

The Nautilus, for its part, will take young and old alike on a sensory escape with images of numerous species of wildlife and especially marine sounds.

All information about Le Hublot in Marseille

Le Hublot in Marseille is located on the beach of Borély, in the 8th district of the city. It is located between the coastal promenade and the Escale Borély, very easy to find and to access. Note that the infrastructure has taken over a former rescue station. As mentioned before, the space is open to the general public.

However, it is only available during the bathing season, i.e. the summer period, which is another reason to make a detour there during your vacation in Marseille. In addition, it is advisable to check the annual programs to know the animations proposed from May to September.

But if you still want to visit an aquarium, you can go and see Nausicaa, the largest aquarium in the world’Europe. On the other hand, it is not possible’is not in Marseille, but in Boulogne-sur-mer.

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