9 unusual ways to visit New York

9 unusual ways to visit New York

New York is one of the most visited places in the world and is an emblematic city of the United States. It is the cradle of entertainment, fashion and culture and is constantly growing’attracting thousands of tourists every year. C’is a city that enchants many people because of its charm, its gigantic skyscrapers and its history.

Without a doubt, traveling to New York City leaves unforgettable memories and more enjoyable when the’We visit this city from’an original way. You want to discover New York in a different way ? If so, we present to you some unusual and unusual ways to travel through this city that never sleeps.

Fly over New York by helicopter

Without a doubt, taking a helicopter flight in New York is the best way to experience the city’one of the best experiences to discover the city. From a helicopter, you can indeed enjoy’a panoramic view of the city. From up there, you can observe the many dizzying skyscrapers of New York that climb over 200 meters (650 feet)’altitude.

You will also be able to admire giant monuments such as the Statue of Liberty in lower Manhattan.

To get the most out of this experience, bring your camera and take some great shots. If you wish to have a little more information’If you want to enjoy the adrenaline and magic of this experience, take the flight at nightfall. L’lighting of the city’s buildings will offer you a colorful and breathtaking view.

You can also take a piloting course and be at the controls of the bus’for a few minutes in the “Le Bocal”. There are also many companies that offer tours over New York.

Discover New York with the Big Bus

Borrowing the Big Bus is also an unusual and interesting way to discover New York City. It is’acts in effect of’an open-air bus that allows you to see the city from another angle The main monuments of the city. All along the trip, a guide will tell you about the city and its history’You can also learn about the history of the city and its various monuments such as the New York City Museum’Empire State Building, Times Square, etc.

Moreover, you have the possibility to get on and off the bus as you wish during the whole day. In general there are a total of 40 stops along the way and if you wish to continue your tour, you will just have to take the Big Bus’wait for the next bus. You can choose the attractions that interest you most along the way.

The city has many playgrounds and parks that you can visit before continuing your tour.

Be guided by a Greeter

With the development of’internet, it is today’Today it is possible to visit a city thanks to its inhabitants. There are indeed many platforms that serve to connect a tourist and inhabitants of the city to visit. In New York, there are of the volunteer associations that make foreigners visit the city. To benefit from their service, you just have to contact them in the morning or in the afternoon. A greeter will help you discover places that you have never been on a boat before’imagine not.

The tour is totally free, but you can leave a tip to your guide as a token of appreciation. Whether you are alone, with your family or as a couple, it’s a great way to discover New York’is a very original and economical way to visit the city.

Participate in a treasure hunt in New York

If you like to learn while having fun, this will certainly be the best option for you’one of the best ways for you to visit New York. The treasure hunt is indeed an atypical and funny way to explore the cityôto explore the city. The principle is to take a walk along the Hudson River clues to discover the places or unusual of the city.

In reality, the goal of the game is to find clues hidden here and there along the. L’The objective is to test your general culture by proposing riddles or charades on the different monuments and districts of the city. The courses are adapted to all ages and the game sessions last about 3 hours.

Scavenger hunts usually take place in places like Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, MoMa, etc.

Take the water cab

The Water Taxi is a yellow cab like the regular New York cabs. The big difference is that the Taxi waters float on the water’water. If you don’have by the evil of the’The main advantage of the Water Taxi is that it will be an opportunity for you to walk around while discovering New York’s must-see places. If you don’t’A greeter will help you discover places that you have never been on a boat before’opportunity to live a new experience. Since 2002, these cabs have been transporting New Yorkers and tourists alike.

They will take you to along the route’East River, of the’Hudson River and Manhattan harbor. As far as the schedule is concerned, it is variable. You can start your tour at a time that suits you best.

Go on a Monopoly tour to discover New York

If you’re looking for another very original and fun way to discover New York City, the monopolytourism is an option to consider. s’It is indeed a fun way to visit New York City’a form of tourism that is done by playing the game called Monopoly. To do this, you will need to buy the Monopoly of the city of New York. You will apply the rules of the game to real life.

En d’In other words, you are required to visit all the places listed on your Monopoly board i.e. train stations, parking, prison, etc. The game is played between 2 or even 8 players. C’is an experience that you can live in couple, family or with friends.

Walk through New York City with a virtual reality headset

If you miss New York or want to visit it without moving, the virtual reality headset is what you need’you need. The principle is simple and consists in going to a specialized center to use a computer to play the game equipment configured in advance. After putting on your virtual reality helmet, you will be immersed in the streets of New York through images of the city.

You will visit some places of the city as if you were there.

To live this experience from home, you need two tools. It s’acts of’a virtual reality headset and a video camera’a smartphone that you will use to find and broadcast videos of New York City through the virtual reality headset. The main advantage that’The only way to do this is to’it is economical and above all fun.

original New York tour

Discover New York by participating in an Escape Game

An unusual and fun way to visit New York, if you travel in a small group, is to participate in an Escape Game. It s’acts on the same principle as’This is a treasure hunt, but your mission here will be to get out of the city’an immersive world before the end of’a timer. The game will consist in recovering for example a œA work of art’Invaluable art, to be found from the’lost gold or escape from the city’a prison.

The clues that can help you win the game will be placed throughout the city. However, you should not let yourself be distracted by the beauty of this city.

Choose your destination by dice

If you are looking for a very unique way to visit New York, we recommend you to rely on the random. If you are a lover of dice games, let your passion guide you. For this technique, it s’It’s all about numbering the cards representing the city’s must-see sites. Then take two dice that you will roll each time to choose your destination. If the dice roll a number, you will go to the site with the corresponding number.

L’The advantage of this technique is that you don’t need to know the name of the game’It doesn’t matter where you are going or what kind of transportation you will use beforehand. C’is from’This makes it unique, unusual, but also risky for your budget.

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