To make parachute jump in Corsica why choose this place Lebaladin

Skydiving in Corsica: why choose this place ?

You are amateurs or lovers of strong sensation ? Why not try skydiving in Corsica ? L’The “French” island, known for its beautiful scenery, Mediterranean culture and sunny weather, attracts many visitors each year. By skydiving there, you will enjoy wonderful sensations and a great deal of fun’an overhanging and unforgettable view that will mark you for a long time.

Why choose to skydive in Corsica ?

Corsica has a great natural wealth between its reefs, its turquoise water, its secret coves, its mountains. It’s hard to see all of this at once as a casual “walk-up” vacationer, but when you’re in a hotel, it’s hard to see it all at once’If you’re looking for a parachute jump, you can set fire to all of these views’one look. C’It is a magical feeling if you have the courage to skydive, which can be both impressive and intimidating.

Skydiving in Corsica will allow you to mark your vacation, create an unforgettable memory and enjoy the beauty of Corsica in a different way. Depending on the company you book your flight with and make your skydive, it is even possible to get a free ride’to land at certain privileged places like sandy beaches. N’Is it not the case?’perfect arrival after your aerial journey ?

In short, skydiving will allow you to discover Corsica from a different perspective’You can see the island from another point of view, as well as its scrubby mountains, its beautiful beaches and its water with a thousand shades of blue.

Are there any contraindications for a parachute jump? ?

If skydiving is authorized from 15 years old with parental authorization, it is necessary to remind that it is not allowed to jump’it n’is not without danger. Also, it is mandatory to’Go to a doctor to see if you are addicted to drugs’ensure that the practice of skydiving is possible. A medical certificate of non-contrindication to the practice is required, in order to enjoy this experience.

For example, the following diseases and disorders (not exhaustive) are contraindications to skydiving:

  • L’permanent or temporary high blood pressure
  • L’asthma
  • Strong myopia
  • Insulin dependent diabetes
  • Addiction
  • L’alcoholism
  • L’patent osteoporosis

Some restrictions not related to health are also required for skydiving.

  • Weight: women must generally weigh less than 80 kg, while men must weigh less than 90 kg
  • L’age: the practice is possible from 15 years (or even 12) depending on the company with parental permission
  • L’condition: a pregnant woman will obviously not be able to skydive
  • Prior activity: generally, you have to wait more than 48 hours after having done deep diving before being able to go to such a high altitude

What is the price of’a parachute jump ?

The price of’a parachute jump The cost of the parachute is very variable depending on the type of activity’The price depends on the place where it is practiced and the company with which it is carried out. In Corsica, there are two main companies that offer this type of activity’experience (The company Corse Parachutisme Tandem, L’Parachuting School of Valinco in Propriano), to which s’add two other companies specialized in another type of jumping’experience just as nice when’one is in search of panoramas: parasailing. It is’This is the role of Neptune Parachute Ajaccio and Corsica Sensation.

What is the price of

Companies and prices for a skydiving experience

The Corsica Tandem Skydiving Company

It organizes jumps in Ghisonaccia in Haute-Corse, it costs at least 295 € for a tandem jump and 525 € for a VIP jump. It is necessary to add between 90 € and 130 € to ask to be followed by a photographer/cameraman.

L’Valinco Skydiving School in Propriano

It is necessary to count approximately 300 € to be able to make a tandem jump. Note also that this association of sports enthusiasts offers a complete training including about 6 jumps for a little less than 1400 €. It will be necessary to count approximately 85 € to be followed by a photographer/cameraman.

Companies and rates for parasailing

Neptune Parachute Ajaccio

The he principle of parasailing is the’gentle rise, but not the sharp fall. It allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes in a less sensational way, which makes it a good family experience with young children. The price is quite attractive, because the’activity costs only 50 €.

Corsica Sensation

It offers four different packages:
1 person: 80 €
2 people together : 50 €/pers
3 people together: 45 €/pers
4 people together : 45 €/pers
5 persons together : 40 €/pers

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