Discover the new City Hall of Annecy, opening in 2025

Discover the new Annecy City Hall: opening in 2025

Hall of the new City Hall of Annecy – credit Pierre-Louis Faloci architect and City of Annecy

After the terrible fire of November 4, 2019 that devastated the building, the new City Hall will be returned to the public in 2025. Virtual visit in video.

From the origins to the fire

In the 19th century, Haute-Savoie and Savoie are attached to the kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia. The neoclassical architecture has allowed the construction of buildings that recall the Greek and Roman temples of antiquity. This new town hall replaced the former town hall of more modest size. It was built in 1846 according to the plans of the architect Fran├žois Justin. It does not have a basement.

In the 20th century, a glass roof was installed on the hall to allow the reception of the public. In 1995, under the impulse of the mayor Bernard Bosson, a large mineral square is created with an overflow basin.

Fire of the

Fire of the Annecy city hall

Following a short circuit in an electrical cabinet, the City Hall is devastated by a terrible fire on November 14, 2019. Fortunately, there were no victims. After 24 hours of struggle, the firemen extinguished the flames. But the damage was considerable. In 2020, 1 200 tons of debris are removed.

An umbrella roof is installed to protect the site from bad weather.

The rehabilitation of the City Hall

Fortunately, the historical treasures have been preserved and restored. A reflection is undertaken to make the building more open to the Gardens of Europe. Studies are conducted to install a geothermal system that will allow heating and cooling, using lake water. An architectural competition is launched in 2021. The architect Pierre-Louis Faloci is the winner.

He wishes to bring the public to cross the mineral square, to cross the town hall and to open on the green spaces facing the lake. The project is presented to the City Council on January 31, 2022.

The new City Hall of

The new City Hall – credit city of Annecy

The Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Salon and the Petit Salon will be restored to their original condition. The consular room will be redesigned to use the light coming from the back of the building. A mezzanine will be created above this room. The last level will include a large glass roof that will naturally light the upper floor. To reduce the energy cost of the site, solar tiles will be placed on the roof.

From the great hall, a particular attention of the architect, aims to give transparency to the floors by letting the light of the hall penetrate. The new city hall of Annecy will welcome 200 agents.

Spaces of life, coworking will be installed to open the town hall on the city.

The beginning of the building site will start at the beginning of 2023 for an opening to the public at the beginning of 2025. The total budget for the rehabilitation is 30 million euros, 20 million of which will be covered by insurance.

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