Discover the association Beauval Nature

Discover the association Beauval Nature

L’Beauval Nature association The purpose of the museum is the conservation of biodiversity on a global scale. It works to support all actions of conservation and support of animals. The association has set itself the goal of raising public awareness of the animal.

In this way they can easily protect them. Here is more information to discover about this association Beauval Nature.

The conservation programs of the Beauval zooparc

The Beauval zooparc presents 2 kinds of programs. One is old and the other is brand new. The whole aims to protect and save species, most of which are endangered.

The missions of the Beauval zooparc are worldwide.

The new conservation program

In its approach to animal conservation, the Beauval Zooparc has decided to set up new programs. She has therefore launched a worldwide protection initiative. It is an action that aims to safeguard the development of about forty animals scattered across the globe.

For example, the new program consists of protecting endemic species such as the Bonobo of the R.D. in the Congo. These are chimpanzees whose lives are in danger due to the destruction of their habitat. This is caused by anarchic use of the forest which is their habitat area.

Other animals also benefit from the protection and the safeguarding set up by the association. Among others, there is the bat which is an endangered species in France. There are also the lemurs of Madagascar whose numbers are deteriorating at a high rate.

The association works in the conservation of songbirds in Indonesia. It is the same for the lions of Senegal, the koala of Australia, the giraffe of Namibia, the giant anteater of Brazil, etc.

The former programs of the association

Past programs of theBeauval Nature association are similar to the new objectives established by its members. That is to say, to protect and conserve the species present on the entire surface of the Earth.

For example, it protects Humboldt penguin species whose numbers are declining. Guano harvesting is at the root of the problem. Harvesting this fertilizer disrupts the egg-laying cycle and nests of Humboldt penguins.

By raising the awareness of craftsmen, she was able to limit the damage caused by the collection of guano.

The protection of marine turtles in Nigeria is also a past challenge for the association. It has been able to ensure that their habitat is preserved to the maximum extent possible. Otherwise, the spawning periods may not go well.

Thanks to its collaboration with the Tropical Conservation Center, it has created a development plan for three species of endangered turtles.

Apart from that, the association has also succeeded in protecting and safeguarding the manatee of Senegal. It is an endangered species in Africa for several reasons. Notably because of the destruction of its habitat and hunting.

In collaboration with the Oceanium association which is on the spot, the Beauval Nature association succeeded in stopping the massacre of manatees.

The association's past programs

The research of the association

Research is an important branch within the associationBeauval Nature association. It is a catalyst (a lever) that helps them keep certain species alive. Indeed, it is not enough to stop hunting or the destruction of their natural habitats.

In order to keep protected species alive, it is also necessary to allocate a budget for research. It allows them to control their food, to adopt the right methods to care for them and to understand the genetics of each species.

The research carried out by the association runs towards the understanding of several points. Among others, there are the genetic studies on the big cats of Europe. There is also the research which allows to understand the ecology of the cave hyena.

In addition to these, there are other researches that deal with the contagion of the yawn in the monkeys. Then, others which are on the physiological cardiology of the giant panda. In all, more than thirty research projects have been financed and initiated by the Beauval Nature association.

All of them aim to understand and safeguard all the species of animals that need to be saved due to their limited number.

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