Sea Life Aquarium In London Prices, tickets and schedules

Sea Life Aquarium In London: Prices, tickets and schedules

Located on the south bank of the Thames next to the Southbank, the sea life is an aquarium is the most visited attraction space by many families. This review will put the spotlight on this popular center.

Visit the sea life in London

Thrill seekers visit sea life to discover sharks and other nautical species, observe 10 species of sharks swimming under your feet. You will not be disappointed with the show that these species have in store for you, they are about 40 swimming against the artificial current and sometimes under your feet. SEA LIFE will introduce you to other marine species such as penguins and tropical sharks from a new perspective.

When to visit

The aquarium can be visited at any time of the year, even people in wheelchairs or needing assistance can visit it during opening hours.

Opened in 1997, theSea Life aquarium London is a perfect reconstruction of the world’s seabed. The building is structured in 3 floors and houses over 500 species of mammals, amphibians, fish and other marine animals, including 10 different species of sharks. These marine animals evolve in 14 different zones and are distributed in 65 aquariums with thousands of species and marine creatures that swim in more than two million liters of water.

Visit this building to learn all about the life of fish and other underwater species. The rooms of the London aquarium are in blue tones to amaze you more. They can boast of having one of the largest centers in Europe with species from all over the world.

You will spend an unforgettable moment contemplating in 65 different aquariums over 500 species are exposed inside the cathedral.

You will also visit the interior of the cathedral. Visit the arch of Porta Santa Maria in Piazza Manin. More than 500 species are exposed in 65 different aquariums and offer incredible characteristics and different possibilities of interaction.

You can also admire during the escapade 10 different species of sharks under your feet from a suspended glass walkway. The more adventurous can also continue to Ice Adventure to admire the kingdom of penguins with their landscapes of snow and frost. You can also walk under a tropical ocean to explore schools of colorful fish.

Seahorses, turtles, zebra sharks, octopuses and other underwater mammals are present. It’s also an opportunity to admire the creatures of the rainforest and to broaden one’s knowledge of life.

It should be noted that some species found in the aquarium are the list of endangered species, that’s why it participates in the project of conservation and preservation of endangered species. You will be amazed to see these species diving in the icy waters during their traditional Arctic adventure.

Entrance fees for the museum’aquarium

The entrance ticket to the aquarium costs from 35,90 € per person. With this ticket, you have access to all three floors of the structure which are organized into 14 thematic areas with thousands of species and marine creatures.

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