Air pollution by Sahara sand : Crit Air sticker mandatory in Annecy

Air pollution by Sahara sand: the Crit’Air sticker mandatory in Annecy

Annecy’s restricted traffic zone

A few weeks ago, the sky of Annecy had taken on a yellow-orange color. A new pollution episode is underway. The city hall activates the differentiated traffic system.

Air pollution caused by the Sirocco

The desert wind coming from the North of Africa carries with it very fine grains of sand which constitute an important atmospheric pollution. The sky can take on yellow hues and the ground is covered with dust from the Sahara. To limit fine particle pollution, the city of Annecy has just activated the differentiated traffic in the zone 30 located inside the Rocade. In order to circulate within this zone, all motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles) will have to be equipped with a vehicle registration card;a Crit’Air sticker of 0, 1, 2, 3 on their windshield.

It is also the case to use a municipal parking in Annecy.

The different types of Crit’Air stickers

The vehicles without this type of sticker will be directed to the large park and ride lots which are located outside the perimeter of the differentiated zone. This measure is taken from 25/02/2021 until further notice.

How to get a Crit-Air sticker ?

The request is made on the Government website: certificate-air.gouv.en with the information of your car registration, the payment is done online and you receive the sticker by mail. The request can also be made by mail by paying by check.

Annecy buses at 1 € during the air pollution

To promote public transport, and avoid too many individual cars, the Greater Annecy agglomeration activates its device “Fresh Air Pass“. You can take all the Sibra buses for one euro a day with an unlimited number of trips. The rental of a bicycle at the Bike Station of the station will be at the same rate.

Update of 26/02/2021 The Haute-Savoie is placed under red alert for air pollution. The pollution is expected to continue for this Friday. Annecy activates the level 2 of the differentiated traffic, so only vehicles with Crit 0, 1, 2, 3 are allowed in the perimeter.

If you carpool, you can drive in the 30 zone.

Update of March 1, 2021 The north wind pushes the Saharan sand particles towards Italy. The prefecture of Haute-Savoie has therefore lifted all regulatory measures related to this pollution episode since Sunday, February 28, 2021 at midnight. It is the same for the obligation to drive with the Crit’Air stickers in the 30 zone of Annecy.

Update of March 2, 2021 According to Météo Centre Isère, a third episode of rising Saharan sand should occur until Thursday, March 4. The air quality should therefore deteriorate again. Such a repetition of this meteorological phenomenon is very rare.

Nevertheless, the trajectory of the cloud remains to be refined.

Update of March 4th 2021 The Saharan dust is back in the region until Friday, March 5. This pollution episode should be of lower intensity than the first one of last February 26.

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