Take advantage of the festival of lights to visit Lyon

Take advantage of the festival of lights to visit Lyon

The metropolis of Lyon attracts nearly 5 million tourists each season from all over the world to discover its charm and its parks and gardens. What are the best reasons to visit the city of 100 painted walls rather than another city in France? ? The question deserves to be discussed as Europe has a phenomenal diversity of villages, listed sites and varied landscapes. Let’s see some ideas to prepare a family weekend and have a good time in the city city of Lyon.

An exceptional heritage to discover for a weekend

In 2016, the city of lights was named “most beautiful destination for a weekend in Europe” at the World Travel Awards. Close to Switzerland and Italy, the city benefits from a strategic geographical location. Its roads are served by many European capitals, and its central location in Europe is an obvious advantage. Unlike London or Rome, Lyon’s size is relatively modest and therefore ideal for a family weekend. Thanks to its buses and metro, it is relatively easy to get around the different districts. Thus, during a weekend, it is completely possible to take advantage of an important part of the city and to get a general idea of this city where it is good to live.

Especially during the celebrations of the Festival of Lights where the city shines with a thousand lights. It is the event that attracts the most tourists in the year. The opportunity to see the most famous monuments from another angle.

The culinary pleasures of the city of Lyon

Historically renowned for its culinary know-how, Lyon will inexorably attract all those who love good restaurants. It owes its reputation to famous names in gastronomy that have contributed to its popularity such as the Brazier mother. To taste the local gastronomy in the authentic “bouchons”, for the most part, spread out in the old Lyon, tourists flock and it is not uncommon to have to be on the lookout for a place to eat.

Another place to know without further delay in Lyon and which concerns culinary culture are the Halles Paul Bocuse. At the level of the Cours Lafayette, the Halles de Lyon are the Pantheon of gastronomy. An ideal place for a gourmet visit to discover local know-how such as beef tripe, Jesus or praline pie. Note that it is also possible to dine inside Les Halles.

Various bistros offer the possibility to cook authentic dishes in a friendly atmosphere.

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