18 sunny places in the south of France to visit!

18 sunny places in the south of France to visit !

The South of France is a wonderful region of Europe characterized by its sandy expanses, sparkling Mediterranean coastline and countless colorful villages. Inhabited since ancient times, the cities of southern France have been taken over by many celebrities, making the region a world-renowned vacation spot. Here are 18 sunny places in the south of France to explore.


Often referred to as the “Paris of the South”, with its Haussmannian architecture, Montpellier is a treasure of culture. The city is a mix of medieval decor and contemporary buildings. One of the largest cities in France, it is full of listed buildings and monuments and is a cultural center with its historical museums and numerous art exhibitions.

Montpellier is also characterized by its dynamism, close to the Mediterranean Sea, it is also home to many restaurants, bars and cafes. It is also a major communication axis joining the Rhône to the rest of France’Spain to the’west, in the’Italy to the’is. Other highlights of the city include the impressive Gothic cathedral, Montpellier’s triumphal arch in the form of the Porte du Peyrou and the breathtakingly beautiful Château de Flagergues on the outskirts of the city.

Our top excursion: The Fabre Museum and its impressive art collection, nestled in a former mansion.


Arles is classified as a city of art and history, its Roman ruins are often considered one of the best archaeological sites in the south of France, if not the country. With a two-story amphitheater founded in 90 A.D., Narbonne is one of the most important cities in France.-C., the city has inspired countless writers and painters over the years, including the world-renowned painter Van Gogh. The latter stayed there for a year before moving to the asylum of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, it is notably to Arles that the’event of the severed ear. In spite of his dementia, Van Gogh was very inspired and moved by the Arles landscapes and would make several series of paintings. If painting has marked the history of Arles, the city is also recognized as a Mecca of photography.

Since 1970, the famous Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles is held every year in July, a real highlight for the city. Arles’ position on the Rhone River also provides easy access to the Camargue, a region of France synonymous with grassy plains, pink flamingos and wild horses.

Our star excursion: After the ancient theater, continue to the Saint-Trophime cathedral and its cloister, jewels of Provençal Romanesque art.

Pont du Gard - Arles


UNESCO World Heritage Site The Locks of Fonserannes, a series of nine staircase locks that link the Canal du Midi to other French waterways, Béziers is one of the oldest cities in France. Various archaeological excavations tend to show that the city predates Marseille by about twenty years. Close to the Mediterranean beaches, this city overlooked by the imposing cathedral of Saint-Nazaire, is full of charm. Béziers can be visited in many ways: by walking its many cobbled streets, by visiting the old walled city and by exploring the unbelievable landscapes of a side of France that many tourists never have the opportunity to discover.

Our main excursion: A walk on the Plateau des Poètes, a sumptuous garden in the city center, with an obligatory stop to contemplate the Fountain of the Titan, a masterpiece of seventeen meters high in marble and bronze.

Saint-Nazaire de Besiers Cathedral - Orbe

The episcopal city of Albi and its medieval architecture are characterized by bright red bricks. Birthplace of the renowned painter and poster artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the city houses the most important collection of art in the world’post impressionist works of the world in its museum. Albi is the kind of city that takes you back in time.

Quite the kind of place one would think chimerical. Yet Albi exists, and there’s nothing easier to visit ! Located in Occitania, this city was founded thousands of years ago and today has a population of about seventy thousand inhabitants. The city prospered during the Renaissance thanks to the cultivation of pastel.

Our main excursion: Stroll through the narrow streets to reach the 13th century Gothic cathedral of Sainte-Cécile d’Albi and the French gardens of the Musée de la Berbie.

Montauban - Sainte-Cecile Cathedral of Albi


Also known as “Rome’s eldest daughter outside of Italy” for its position as the oldest Roman colony in Gaul, Narbonne is located in the heart of the Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Regional Natural Park. Once a Roman port city, the silt and sand have grown so much over the years that the pretty city of Narbonne is today located at about fifteen kilometers from the sea. Today, where once there was a beach, you will find many cobblestone streets, museums of history and archaeology.

Narbonne is also the birthplace of the iconic French singer Charles Trenet, and as we walk the streets of the city, we can’t help but imagine how these walls of this charming southern French town must have inspired him ! O our sweet France ! If you still want to enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand, then take a day trip to Narbonne-Sur-Plage, directly accessible by bus from Narbonne.

Our top excursion: A long walk along the 32 km long Canal de la Robine, with plenty of time to stretch your legs. A true artery of the city, the canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Canal du Midi - Canal de la Robine


For sunny sea adventures, you simply must go to Biarritz , a seaside town on the French Basque coast. Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie took advantage of the city’s location for their vacation, and the city was built in her honor. This charming seaside resort and the hustle and bustle of its Grande Plage have captured the hearts of the European gotha and high society, adding to the city’s glamour to this day. Located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Biarritz is best known for its historic lighthouse and as an ideal spot for surfing.

So much so that the French do not hesitate to call it the “Capital of surfing”. The city’s beaches are sandy and cloud cover is minimal throughout the spring, summer and fall, making it an ideal destination for sun lovers. And after a good salt water bath, there is nothing better than a little sweet from the Miremont pastry shop, installed in the city center since the 19th century, its delicacies, its panorama on the ocean and its old fashioned furniture will make you travel.

Our main excursion: Go along the coast to the Virgin Rock and admire the spectacle.

Surfing - Biarritz Aquarium


Marseille Is one of the oldest cities in France, it was founded as early as 600 BC in ancient times. First known to the ancient Greeks as Μασσαλία (Massalía), Marseille is today the second largest city in France after Paris . First French port and second in the Mediterranean, the city was built around its strategic and historic fishing position. Marseille’s architecture is very heterogeneous, between ancient vestiges and modern constructions, the city beats to the rhythm of history.

Among its most beautiful monuments, the city counts the Notre Dame de la Garde basilica, as well as the ultramodern Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations. The aestheticism of Marseille also seduced the eye of film makers, Marcel Pagnol, Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Renoir, Sacha Guitry, Jean-Pierre Melville or Luc Besson and we forget so many others.

Our main excursion: A walk in the Calanques, in the middle of nature and why not finish the day with a good glass of pastis?

Massif des Calanques - Calanque


Popularized by the nursery rhyme “Sur le Pont d’Avignon”, this beautiful fortified city nestled in the Vaucluse region in the south of France is characterized by its well-preserved historic center. Known as the city of the popes, since it hosted them for more than a century, the city has in its heart the imposing “Palais des Papes”, a sumptuous gothic building, as well as the remains of the Saint-Bénézet bridge, a 12th century bridge. The emblematic bridge of the city is named after a young shepherd of 12 years old who lived in the Middle Ages.

One day, Benezet would have heard a divine voice asking him to venture to Avignon so he can build a bridge. History says that this is exactly what he did and so (most of the time) the bridge is still standing today !

Our main excursion: The city is also known for its festival of performing arts, on this occasion the city is adorned with a thousand cultural attractions, it is really great !

Palace of the Popes - Pont d


If the word ‘cassis’ in French tends to remind us of this delicious little fruit, it is also a beautiful port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is distinguished by its remarkable cliffs and characteristic of its landscape. Cassis will seduce all lovers of Provence.

The city is a delightful place full of candy-colored houses, a lovely Carolingian hotel and easy access to the natural heritage site now classified, the Calanques de Cassis. If you want a taste of the “real” France, just have an ice cream with local flavor (lavender is a must) !) and to walk around the city. What a pleasure to bask in the sun with a good wine of Cassis, produced in the region.

Our top tour: Don’t forget your camera, almost every corner is perfect !

Cassis - Marseille


Fortified walls and a series of impressive structures come together to form a hilltop city that is iconic around the world. Carcassonne was first founded as a fortified settlement in Gallo-Roman times, with further additions to the city’s defenses during the Middle Ages. If the medieval fortress was in pretty bad shape in the 19th century (financial constraints, lack of defense, etc.), it’s still in good shape. contributed to the collapse of the walls), the fortifications were heavily restored by the architect Viollet-le-Duc (remember him at Mont Saint Michel ?).

Today, Carcassonne is probably one of the most visited places in Occitania.

Our flagship excursion: S’marvel at the ramparts and the castle.

City of Carcassonne - Canal du Midi


Warm stones, a hundred cobbled streets and numerous fountains are the trademark of Aix-en-Provence , a rather important city which is located at the foot of the Sainte Victoire Mountain. The city was home to the artist and impressionist Paul Cézanne, today you can follow in the footsteps of this famous Frenchman and even take your picture with a life-size statue of Cézanne in front of the tourist office ! The motto of Aix-en-Provence: “City of waters, city of art” is very appropriate since the city is the object of various cultural gatherings.

Our top excursion: Vaguering the city’s 130 or so fountains.

Marseille Provence Airport - Cassis


For a little glitz and glamour, you need look no further than Cannes , a breathtaking city along the glittering French Riviera. Every year, the most coveted and world-renowned film festival takes place here. Countless movie stars have walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The seaside resort is a luxurious destination with many palaces standing on the Croisette.

Cannes’ glamour is also found in the casinos, as illustrated by Jacques Demy in his film “La baie des anges”. In conclusion Cannes is ready to put some glitter in your life !

Our star attraction: Stroll around the Villa Rothschild and dream of its neo-classical architecture.

Boulevard de la Croisette - Saint Paul de Vence

La Ciotat

Small and located by the sea, the charm of La Ciotat lies in its authentic French atmosphere and its well-preserved old town. Although there are few attractions in this Provencal town (several seafood restaurants and an artificial beach), the main claim of La Ciotat is that it is considered the cradle of petanque. In addition, the Bay of La Ciotat has entered the Club of the most beautiful bays in the world in 2019, which makes it a place to visit ! La Ciotat is also a cradle of cinema since the Lumière brothers shot one of the first films ever made there ” L’Arrival of a train in La Ciotat” station.

Our highlight excursion: In La Ciotat you will find the Eden, the oldest surviving cinema in the world.

La Ciotat - Stock photography


Best seen just before or just after the high season to enjoy the city without the crowds but with the best weather possible, Antibes is located between the famous cities of Cannes and Nice. In the old Antibes, discover the Fort Carré and the Vauban ramparts, the fort houses a particularly impressive museum dedicated to Picasso, with its star shape of the 16th century, it is a must in the city. Antibes is also a large harbor and large stretches of sand.

Our top excursion: Stroll the aisles of the Provencal market in Antibes for its smells and colors.

Picasso Museum - Musée Picasso


Of all the beautiful cities of Provence mentioned, Saint-Paul-de-Vence is probably the most picturesque of all. With its ramparts built at the request of François I, the city is quite attractive. Characterized by winding alleys, floral displays and cobblestone streets, this Provencal town is like a vintage postcard ! Many artists such as Matisse, Modigliani, Jacques Prévert or Yves Montand have stayed in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in the Auberge de la Colombe d’Or which is full of treasures.

Our top excursion: The city is perfectly suited for a bicycle tour, nothing could be more charming.

Saint Paul de Vence - win

Fishing town that still functions today as a working port, Sete is located between the historical cities of Béziers and Montpellier. Easy to visit in a day from Béziers, the region is well known for its sea-inspired dishes, especially mussels ! Sète is also the city of the poet Paul Valéry, so it’s not surprising that a certain literature inhabits it.

Our main excursion: The Mont Saint-Clair and its breathtaking panorama.

Sete - Canal du Midi

Nice is a breathtaking city along the French Riviera. Especially known for its long boulevard along the sea called “Promenade des Anglais”. The city is very popular with the jet set and wealthy tourists since many celebrities started to flock to the resort during the 19th century.

Since then, it has featured in countless paintings, films, and is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a glittering getaway.

Our top excursion: After taking in the sights at the Matisse Museum, come and recharge your batteries in the city’s botanical garden.

Le Négresco - Hotel

Massif des Calanques

Stretching over 20 km of coastline between Cassis and Marseille, the Massif des Calanques is a National Park unique in the world in that it is formed of rugged limestone that has been eroded by the sea, time and salt breezes.

Small coves and impressive peaks make this park a must for hiking enthusiasts. If you choose to plan a visit, avoid the summer months, as the park is often closed due to the risk of forest fires !

cliff - Calanque

Prepare your move to the south

Have the cities in the South of France touched your heart with their location, their lifestyle and the promise of mild temperatures all year round ? Many French people dream of moving to the south to spend more than a few days on vacation, so why not take the plunge and finally say yes to your dream ?

Before leaving everything and going to live in the South, some steps have to be taken. Starting with the search for a new job and/or a school for the children. Once you have taken this preliminary step, you will of course have to find the accommodation of your dreams. Here again it will not always be easy especially if the distance between you and the South is important.

You will probably have to get used to the virtual visits that more and more real estate agencies are now offering. Going through an agency will probably be more secure for your procedures, offering you an important and reassuring legal framework.

Once you’ve found the perfect accommodation, you don’t have to worry about the cost’You probably won’t have time to do any shopping either’countless round trips between your city of departure and city of arrival’arrival. For this process, call on a mover who is familiar with the area’Take care of everything and don’t forget to ask for the best quote for a successful move ! Thus, no hassle, life will be simplified.

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